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Whakatika Marutau


Te Ao Maori Safety

Elevating Safety, Ensuring Compliance

Te Ao Maori Safety Management

"Whakatika Marutau" signifies a comprehensive approach to ensuring safety and security, emphasising the importance of proactive measures, strategic interventions, and the creation of environments where safety is prioritised and valued.


It represents a commitment to not just react to safety concerns but to anticipate, prevent, and resolve them, ensuring the well-being of individuals and the collective.


This concept is integral to fostering resilient communities and organisations, where safety is woven into the fabric of everyday life, supporting and protecting all members.

Welcome to Safe-T-Solutions

Welcome to Safe-T-Solutions, your premier partner in enhancing workplace safety across New Zealand with a unique focus on integrating Māori cultural values. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive safety management services that not only adhere to Aotearoa New Zealand safety standards but also respect and incorporate the rich heritage of Te Ao Māori into every aspect of workplace safety.

Our services include:

  • Māori Cultural Safety Management Training: Tailored programs designed to foster an understanding and appreciation of Māori values in the workplace.

  • Safety Leadership Development: Our Safety Leadership Development service empowers organisational leaders with the skills and insights needed to champion a culture of safety that aligns with both modern requirements and traditional Māori values.

  • Safety Compliance Solutions: Ensuring your business meets all relevant safety regulations with a culturally informed approach.

  • Workplace HSQT Audits: Detailed inspections and reports to help you understand your current Health, Safety, Quality, and Training practices and where they can be improved.


Based in Auckland, we serve businesses all over New Zealand, offering customised safety solutions that protect your employees and promote a culturally respectful and safe working environment.


Join us in our mission to create safer workplaces through the power of cultural respect and safety excellence.

Why Choose Safe-T-Solutions?

Choosing Safe-T-Solutions means partnering with a leader in Safety, Quality, and Learning & Development. Led by industry expert Tama Robson, we offer personalised, detail-oriented services that go beyond mere compliance.


As strategic allies, we specialise in integrating robust Safety Systems into your operations, delivering everything from ISO audits to custom safety training. Our goal is to not just meet, but surpass New Zealand's safety standards, ensuring your business's success and your team's well-being. With us, you get more than services, you gain a lasting partnership committed to excellence.

Core Services

Discover Our Core Services:

Elevating Safety, Ensuring Compliance


HSEQ Systems Development: We create bespoke health and safety systems that blend seamlessly with your operations to boost safety and productivity simultaneously.


HSEQ Compliance and Risk Management: Our proactive approach ensures your business exceeds regulatory standards and leads in safety, quality and learning & development.


ISO Systems Audit and Development: Simplifying ISO certification, we offer comprehensive support from audits to system development for industry distinction.


Safety Leadership Development: Our training programs transform workplace culture, instilling a safety-first ethos across all levels of your organisation.


Learning and Development Strategies: Custom training solutions that elevate your team’s safety skills and awareness, enhancing overall compliance and capability.


Project & Change Management: We deliver precision in project execution and seamless change management, merging planning with stakeholder engagement for effective transitions.


At Safe-T-Solutions, our commitment to elevating safety, ensuring compliance, and fostering organisational growth is unwavering. Through our integrated services, we partner with you to achieve excellence in every aspect of your operations.

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